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Cathy Silva Ordained Ministerial Counselor/Life Coach and Certified Discover Your Gifts Guide


I’m happy you decided to join me on this true Self discovery journey.  I’m honored and inspired to guide you as you Discover Your Sacred Gifts!

At the bottom of this page are your links needed to access the  Discover Your Sacred Gifts Audio Program and schedule your Getting Started Session with me.  


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cropped-20028_10155488176195431_1944133914547418256_n.jpgI am honored and inspired to be your  guide through this Healing, Life enhancing, True Self discovery process.  

My intention for you is that you will have insights and A-HA moments like you’ve likely never experienced before.

Just 2 Simple Steps to Get Started

Step 1. From the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program page (find the link below) , download and print all the worksheets and documents and place them in a binder or folder.

You can download all the audio files to a CD or your computer or you can also listen to each track on your computer or phone simply by clicking on it.

You’ll be guided through the entire program step by step.

Click on the link below when you are ready to begin!

Step 2. – Schedule your Getting Started Session with me HERE.



(Click Here) => Here is your personal access the Sacred Gifts Audio Series.    11219350_10155494954660431_7579310978916681468_n

The password to access the download page is dysgaudio

Here’s the Re-Cap of the Itinerary and estimated time for field work is below to help with your time management.

Module 1 – CREATING THE ENVIRONMENT FOR YOU TO WIN!– In this module I will help teach you how to clear and create space in preparation for this work.   This is giving yourself the gift of  focus and presence as you journey through the program. You will have received your personal link to The Sacred Gifts Audio Course created by Monique MacDonald. Your coaching session will be focused on introducing you to the Discover Your Gifts course and setting intentions for the program. Your field work will be to listen to 1 hour of Audios and complete 1 hour of exercises.

Module 2 – THE TREASURE HUNT BEGINS Discover Your Gifts Part 2 Your coaching session will be focused on the clues you’ve uncovered so far. Your fieldwork will be to listen to 2 hours of audio from your course.

Module  3 –  TA DA!  REVEALING YOUR GENIUS! Discover Your Gifts Part 3 Your coaching session is focused on what has been revealed to you about your particular gifts up till now. My clients find this to be the ‘juiciest’ part of the process! Your fieldwork in preparation for the next leg of our journey together will be listening to 30 minutes of audio and complete the What Can I Do Next? worksheet.

Module 4 ONWARD AND UPWARD Discover Your Gifts Part 4 Your coaching session is focused on stepping in to “What Can I Do Next?”. Begin ‘anew’ in alignment with your Natural Genius.  Whether it be in the job you are currently doing, the business you are in now, or clarifying your vision for a new project or career you want to move into; the ultimate goal is that you will Feel more On Purpose everyday in all you do.

Again, Here is your personal access the Sacred Gifts Audio Series.

Remember the password to access the download page is dysgaudio

If you have questions regarding your program or downloads send an email to me at


I am inspired and excited to be working with you!

With SO MUCH Love,