What’s my Life For?



I am  so excited to teach you how to

Wake Up to A Life of Love and True Purpose

in this new course

unnamedwimlf-banner1-300x106Regardless of where you are at in your life, whether you are feeling completely fulfilled in all areas of your life, or whether you are wondering what kind of legacy you are leaving, this course will help you gain clarity about what you really came here to do in your lifetime, and the best way to move forward into a life of true purpose.

It was so much fun to do join with Amy Starr Allen, Paul Lipton, and Monique MacDonald to create this 4 part course that includes:



Topics and Inspiration for:

Finding meaning in a single day

Waking Up to a Life of Love and True Purpose ~

Choosing Happiness, The Power of Forgiveness

and A Formula for Feeling on Purpose and Discovering Your Sacred Gifts.


“Each webinar was recorded live so that you can access them and listen at your leisure while you are on your walk or hike in nature or cozied up in your favorite chair with a nice beverage.”


Are you ready to begin living everyday with Love and True Purpose?   

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See you there!

Love and Hugs, Cathy