Discover Your Sacred Gifts Self Discovery Process with Coaching

Discover Your Sacred Gifts was created by Monique MacDonald of Feel on Purpose Training and Consulting.
Rev. Cathy Silva is a Certified Discover Your Gifts Guide.
Would you like to feel more at peace, authentic, on purpose and happy in this life you are living? 
“I LOVE the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program because it’s a beautiful way for you to get to know, love and BE your True Self and all you do.”
Without exception each of us comes into life with Gifts expressing through them.   Yes, my friend that means YOU too!  You are an extension and expression of Love for our world.     Most people have a hard time believing they are this Love.   So they go searching outside of themselves to find it only to come up short of feeling truly Loved and On Purpose   
This need not be!     I believe this lack of Self knowledge and acceptance is one of the top reasons people find themselves in jobs that are unfulfilling, relationships that are challenging, and still searching for happiness love and inner peace!
20028_10155488176195431_1944133914547418256_n  When you go through the step by step Discover Your Sacred Gifts program with me as your coach and Certified Discover Your Gifts Guide, you  get a visceral experience of the Gifts that are expressing through you.     It’s freeing and healing and living becomes more joyful, full-fulling and aligned with your reason for being born!  
Love, Rev. Cathy <3

Just $297 for One on One or $97 per person for Group

Both options include :*An overview of what Sacred Gifts are and why you have them
*Identify what makes you tick and what ticks you off
*How to spot gifts in yourself and others and how they differ from your skills
*A detailed description of each of the 24 gifts to help you identify which you have (powerful) and which you don’t have (freeing)
*Easy to follow instructions on how to complete the Sacred Gifts Inventory
*PLUS a powerful releasing process that will help awaken your gifts and remove blocks and negative programming that hold you back from your greatness
*6 hours of engaging life changing audio teachings divided into sections that maximize your learning.
*A booklet on all 24 Sacred Gifts that you can download and print 
and 4 coaching sessions with me!  

Though this program can be of benefit to anyone, the ideal person who might best benefit from being a part of this guided group experience would be someone who:

  • Seeks and enjoys personal development
  • Wants to know what their Sacred Gifts are and aren’t
  • Is wanting to figure out what makes them  on purpose
  • Is thinking about possibly changing their career or direction in life
  • Is feeling frustrated and unhappy in their work,  business or life in general.
  • Wants to let go of unrealistic expectations that they put on themselves
  • Wants to find more meaning in the work they are currently doing
  • Wants to put their energy into things they enjoy doing vs activities that are life sucking
  • Wants to better understand others which will lead to better relationships at work and at home
  • Wants to do work that is meaningful
  • Is over 20 years of age


If several of these points above apply to you and you would like to experience the benefit of an extremely powerful personal development program here’s an overview of what to expect.

I offer this program on an individual and group basis.

We will have a session weekly for a total of 4 weekly sessions.


Along with sessions you will be listening to an audio program and completing some simple worksheets.

If you feel this is of interest to you please read carefully through the expectations before you commit.

  • Once you have signed up, I will send you the Sacred Gifts Digital Audio program by email.
  • Then we will schedule your Getting Started Session.

Here is an overview of what you’ll be doing week by week for 3 weeks after our initial call. Read carefully and pay particular  attention to the expected time commitment. 

Week 1

Week 1 will start with a 45 minute orientation call to review the program and then you will individually:

  • Listen to tracks 1 and 2
—————————————————– 22 min
  • Complete 2 activity worksheets———————————————- 15 min
  • Complete the Sacred Gifts Inventory
————————————– 40 min
  • Listen to tracks 3-5 ———————————————————– 51 min

Then we do a 60 minute debrief call together. This will be our 2nd call.

Total time commitment for week 1 is 3 hours and 45 minutes

Week 2

  • Listen to tracks 6-30 ———————————————— 3 hours 38 min
  • Listen to track 31 ————————————————————– 5 min
  • Transfer scores to Sacred Gifts Key-­—————————————— 5 min
  • Listen to track 32—————————————————————-2 min
  • Complete the Putting It All Together worksheet —————————- 10 min

Then we do a 60 minute debrief call together. This will be our 3rd call

Total time commitment for week 2 is 5 hours

Week 3

  • Listen to track 33————————————————————— 3 min
  • Complete the Reaching Out With Your Gifts worksheet——————– 45 min
  • Listen to track 34 ————————————————————– 5 min

Then we do a 60 minute debrief call together.

Total time commitment for week 3 is 2 hours. This will be our 4th call.


Here are a few examples of feedback from people who have been through this program.


“I just finished the program and honestly I don’t think I can wait until Sunday to have the follow up call with my Guide. I feel empowered and man OH man this energy is just about ready to BURST out of me.” ~ Nancy  

“I am just beginning the program to discover my gifts and my heart rate is up, up, up!! I can feel that this is going to be life changing. I am already getting glimpses of why certain work made me just about sing with joy, while other work flattened my spirit like a deflated souffle. WOW” ~ Sally


If you are still not sure you may want to listen to this 5 minute introduction to the program.

Click here for an Introduction to Sacred Gifts MP3 download link


Click here for an Introduction to Sacred Gifts: click and listen link

I offer this program on an individual and group basis.


You can send an email to and request to connect with me by phone.  There is no charge for this initial conversation.  


  • The biggest advantage of the audio program, delivered this way, is you can get started immediately, go at your pace and get support and guidance from me with each step.
  • Regain confidence and a renewed sense of purpose by recognizing you have gifts
  • See yourself, your work, your LIFE through a whole new perspective
  • Feel a shift in reducing stress, confusion and indecision, to gaining confidence and a desire to live a life you love
  • Awaken your greatest potential
  • Find the support you’re lacking with a me as your certified guide and in the Sacred Gifts online community of like-hearted people.


I look forward to hearing from you!!!