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“You are now coming to a time where you are ready to awaken to your true Identity – your True Self.”

 This is the message that I heard as a faint whisper in my early 30’s at a time when my ‘picture perfect’ life suddenly appeared not so perfect for me after all.

The ‘whisper’ became a full on tornado that picked me up, turned me around and put me back down disoriented and needing to find my way ‘home’.     This life altering breakdown then breakthrough began my conscious journey of  re-discovering my True Self.

I believe that every experience no matter how challenging or even ‘tragic’ is for the purpose of us awakening to who we Really are and what we are Here to do, ie. Our Sense of Purpose.
For years I struggled to BE somebody; to become a  “success story” in the eyes of others.
I put a lot of time and energy into raising my children in just the ‘right’ way, while my husband was out of town with his job for most of the week.  At the same time, I was always looking to acquire more credentials, training, etc.  Because I couldn’t possibly be “Just a Mom” could I?
There was a limiting belief that I wasn’t enough yet running rampant but unconsciously  in my head.
I spent literally thousands of dollars and years acquiring training and credentialing,  thinking it was the key to being qualified and worthy of the HUGE Vision that was in my Heart. 
 I continually put way too much on my plate and experienced chronic overwhelm.
For many years I held on to the fantasy that I was to build a big business ‘empire’, despite my path in ministry and as a work at home/stay at home mom.
Then while away on retreat one weekend a sacred sister said something to me that began to shift me from years of frustration and overwhelm.
She said –
“In order to build an empire outside, you must first build an empire within”.
Well, that was a wow moment for sure…
but what really freed me…

was realizing  –

The empire (or kingdom) is already within me.   I AM and always have been ALL that is needed to be Ultimately Successful, Happy and at Peace – while living with True Purpose.

And what’s True for Me is what’s True for YOU too.

As a personal coach since 2001 I have helped entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, ministry leaders, men and women from various walks of life move forward with their goals  for a more rewarding job, better relationships, or creation of a conscious business that is both a vehicle for their mission and  a means for supporting their family.
My own personal work and my most rewarding work as a coach since has been about discovering the genius within.   But the genius wasn’t having to do with the intellect so much as the True and Brilliant Spirit of Love that we are.  Our genius is all of the expressions of that Love, which is what we are.
I created the Holygroundwork Process around the year 2005-06 so that I would have a ‘step by step’ way to help my clients create a life that is an authentic expression of who they are and their life’s calling.   I share more of my own journey and that process in my personal blog – www.holygroundwork.com
I have a natural curiosity and tendency to delve into anything and everything to do with Spirituality, Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology I can get my hands on.
Along the way A Course in Miracles (ACIM)  came into my life.   It’s a teaching that resonated with what I intuited was the Reality of what we are and what God is ; as well as what our life is for.   I had been an avid student of the Course for several years, when I began to feel a familiar sense of Calling deep within me to become a Minister focused on Love (not dogma) and a Teacher of God – sharing what Jesus describes in the Course as the Universal Curriculum (of which the Course is but one form).

In response to my longing to answer The Call,  Pathways of Light Spiritual College Ordained ACIM Ministerial Counselor training program was shown to me.

I’m happy and grateful to be on track to be ordained on November 22, 2015!   

Your Love, Prayers, and Financial Support are Greatly Appreciated!


Peace, Cathy

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