Finding a better way…

After working as a professional coach since 2001,  I was guided to take a sabbatical from ‘business as usual’  and immerse myself in study and application of A Course in Miracles and enter the ministerial training with Pathways of Light.   Though it appeared to be a  financial risk to step away from income generating activities,  with the generosity and support of many, a way was made for me to respond to the Calling in my heart.
Here’s a brief glimpse into my ‘story’.
For years I have been on a self discovery journey, struggling to be appreciated, loved, and striving to be a good Mom,  wife,  daughter, sister, friend and ‘successful’ as a Coach and in business.
For quite some time I have felt a profound sense of Calling, but held the limiting belief  that I wasn’t enough…yet.
Over the years I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars and hours acquiring  training and credentialing,  thinking it was the key to being qualified and an ‘expert’ in my field.
I acquired a degree in business, and went on to gain further education equivalent to a Masters degree in Coaching.   I homeschooled my kids and got super involved in church ministry.
I know it all served in bringing me to where I am now.   There are NO mistakes….   AND it sufficiently  distracted me from FULLY surrendering to the true Call in my heart until now.
Several things happened in my life that turned my life upside down and stop me in my tracks…I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say I successfully reached the point of overwhelm and burnout.
Having the identity of being an ‘eternal optimist’ I did my best to quickly move past challenges, find the silver lining, and  deny any negative affect on myself, others, my family and our life.     In my state of denial,  my health and well being took a downward turn, it was a struggle to make money from my coaching work and our home became a war zone.
 I knew there had to be ‘a better way’.
In what seemed like the ‘knick of time’  A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and Pathways of Light came into my awareness.
I sensed from first glance that both held the keys to finding what I was searching for.
Through ACIM and the Pathways of Light courses I soon realized I was not alone .  I became aptly aware that the way to feel more  Love and Peace came from what was in my own mind, and realizing my true Identity as Love.
 I learned that to  blame others and my circumstances for the way I felt was not only futile it was counterproductive to what I’ve wanted all my life, and what I believe everyone wants….to Love and be Loved…..and I needed to take responsibility for the only thing I had any control over…my perspective and the thoughts in my mind.
Now my home is a loving and welcoming place we love to spend time together in!
 I realized that I needed to stop looking outside myself for love, appreciation, joy freedom, fulfillment and a sense of identity.
Seek not outside yourself.  For it will fail, and you will weep each time an idol falls.  Heaven cannot be found where it is not, and there can be no peace excepting there. ~ ACIM Text ch29:VII    

Now through this ministry I will joyfully continue to share a message of Love.

I’m taking a very different approach then I’ve taken in the past because I know the success of the ministry is assured….it’s an inside out approach.   Instead of striving, and unconsciously ‘doing’ I am committed to checking in with Holy Spirit with every step and allowing myself to be guided,  trusting what is unfolding.     Doing it this way I am assured that ultimately, it cannot fail.


I am joining with Brothers and Sisters on our Path of Awakening.   I hope to be truly helpful in us all experiencing Unconditional Love, feeling a sense of Purpose and REMEMBERING who we are.

On a deeply personal level, most of the time now I know I am enough.   And when I forget I’ve learned that I can access and connect with  the Source of Love and Peace within.  Holy Spirit reminds me that I am complete, whole, Light, Love extended and expressed in our world.

When I’m Simply being my true Self…I am more than enough…I am complete.     I’m free to let my true Light shine, knowing that when I do it inspires and encourages others to let theirs shine too.

I am so HAPPY to now offer Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling,  Spiritual Awakening and Healing Inner Child 8 week programs, and Relationship Enhancement Counseling, in addition to the Discover Your Sacred Gifts Process I’ve offered to coaching clients who want to re-align what they ‘do’ with ‘who they are’ and what’s most meaningful.



The vision in my mind is of many hearts joining together in the REMEMBERING our true Identity.   I believe it’s the awareness and experience of what makes us One in place of the focus on what seems to separate us that will help heal and transform our world. ~ Rev. Cathy Silva, O.M.C

With Love.    Rev. Cathy ♥

 If you are inspired and encouraged by how we can all join together in the healing and transformation of our minds, relationships and our world and want to help support the ministry going forward I welcome your financial support!  You can make a one time or monthly donation by going to the DONATE tab at the top of this page.     ~  Love Gratitude and Hugs ❤