Return to your True Self and your life transforms!!


I’m happy you are here at this time of Remembering our True Nature and Living in Purpose and Love in all we do.

My life’s journey and work as a Professional Coach, Ordained Ministerial Counselor, and Discover Your Gifts Certified Guide  has been centered around true Self discovery,  loving and serving others, and living a life that’s meaningful and happy.

I’ve learned that it’s ALL for a higher purpose –  even the icky, tough stuff!  And that purpose is very simply to return to the awareness of the Love that we are in truth.

I’ve found when we open up to the Spirit of Love within (our true Self),  and be and express ourselves honestly and authentically our whole way of life changes for the better!  We feel on purpose, have more peace, and unshakable happiness;  and our relationships heal.  Opportunities show up for doing what we love and aligned with who we truly are.

When we do the work of ‘removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.’, as it says in A Course in Miracles ;we freely extend love and forgiveness to ourselves and others and we are able to live a happy life!

I have dedicated my life to doing that inner work, and live the Loving purpose for my life~  and helping others to do the same.

I am deeply grateful for us coming together at this time of Great Awakening.  We are indeed awakening together.

Know that I am here to support you on your spiritual journey, through the programs and services I offer.


Sharing some LOVE  from clients/students/friends  a.k.a “Testimonials  !!

 You are a beautiful light in my life. For any of my dear friends considering or actively seeking a life coach please consider this lovely woman. Cathy Silva is amazing. Unfortunately, I don’t find it easy to always be vulnerable. I would have serious reservations going into a coaching session, and then Cathy makes it so easy and natural. She’s a gem.” ~ Maureen, 6 Weeks to a Life in the Spirit of Play Client

“I was blessed to be one of the lucky recipients of Cathy Silva’s 6 week coaching sessions in living life in the Spirit of Play.   It was a profound experience! I learned that life is life, it is how we play the game of life that makes us who we are. That the things we have gone through in life make us who we are…. there are no right or wrongs, just experiences. It is how we deal with the experiences, learn from the experiences and pass on our experiences that really matter.    Cathy challenged me to think outside the box, to dig deep within myself to remember that I am loved, and most of all to love myself. One of my wishes is to laugh at life, (when appropriate), not take life too seriously, to remember what it was like to play a fun game and have belly laughs while doing it without overthinking it. Finding our true “authentic” self is truly a gift. I am so happy to be one of her students. I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to remind this wonderful woman that coaching is her special gift that feeds her loving soul.

May you be further blessed in your quest my friend. I love you” ~ Penny, 6 Weeks to A Life in the Spirit of Play client.

Important Note: ♥

The fees for the coaching, programs and counseling I offer are determined by what seems most appropriate and Guided.

If a fee is listed for my programs or counseling and you feel you absolutely cannot afford it,  together we will come to something that works for you and your current situation.

I do suggest that you invest the amount you feel prompted or presently able to, but no one is ever turned away because of lack of money.   We came together for a reason- Let’s explore together. 


Let  me share a bit about me and my journey thus far…..

For much of my life I have  been on a Spiritual and Self Discovery journey.    I felt the Spirit of Love moving deeply within and through me but didn’t quite understand it and allow myself to express it because I felt it wasn’t safe for me to.    Early on I had some big ideas of how my life was ‘suppose’ to be.  I felt as though there was a BIG Purpose for my life, but always fell short of doing what I thought was in line with my true destiny.    I simply went along and made the choices that seemed right at the time adapting to and making the best of everything that came my way.   I  married my high school sweetheart, had two children and attempted to do and be all for everyone.   I had this nagging feeling that it was never enough, I was never successful enough, good enough, loved enough, appreciated enough, understood enough….you get the idea.    So I did what seemed to make sense – I took on more!   I decided it wasn’t enough to be ‘just a mom’ , I needed to be ‘financially successful’  and grow a big business too and while I was at it I needed to be ‘spiritual’….actually not just SPIRITUAL…a “Spiritual Master” !

When I was around 35 years old I experienced an AWAKENING.   In what seemed like a moment in time the life that seem to take form all on it’s own felt oh so wrong.   I felt like a prisoner, trapped in a life and identity that wasn’t truly me.      That’s when I began my conscious journey of Self Discovery and began surrendering to that Spirit of Love within….  It was quite a Wake Up Call, and it’s been quite a ride since!

In the year 2000 I discovered the profession of Coaching to be a great fit for my natural abilities and soul’s desires as I understood them at the time.   And it seemed flexible as I and my husband raised our family.   From 2001 till late 2014 I attempted to have a dual career.   The first as a full time, homeschooling, super involved in my kid’s lives Mom,  and the second as a Home Based Entrepreneur and Professional Coach.    cropped-Daisy_Logo-1.jpg





Here’s a picture of Alex and Patrick!

They both have flown from the nest and are living their own awesome adventures now.

And here’s one of me with my hubby.  My partner in life and love for over 30 years.








With an IMG_3541empty nest and a little more peace, quiet and time to simply BE I again was feeling a call that I felt for a lifetime, to be a minister, and teacher of Love so I laid all my other business and coaching activities aside and entered into the ministerial program with Pathways of Light.   In November of 2015 I became an Ordained Ministerial Counselor.

I feel most times like it’s all unfolding and coming together beautifully.   That’s because I continue to do my best to SURRENDER the need to be “Successful” and go it alone.    I LOVE joining with others as we wake up to a life of Love and feeling aligned and on purpose.   I’m happy and thankful to join with YOU.


I’m happy to explore working together!  Simply send an email to with your request and we will schedule a time that works for us both.

And if you feel moved to make a donation to help extend the Living Life in Love ministry to others,  I am most GRATEFUL!  

With SO MUCH LOVE!  ~ Rev. Cathy



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